Marangu Route – Climb Kilimanjaro – 5 Days

Itinerary Description

The Marangu Route is the most popular, easiest, and quickest route to Uhuru Peak. The Coca-Cola Route or the Tourist Route are other names for this route. Due to the majority of the route being easy hiking, 70% of climbers take this route. Although this route is fairly simple, the last stretch to the summit is still challenging. Despite being the simplest route, it fails the most frequently because of poor planning. It is recommended to take this route seriously, be well-prepared, and take all possible safety precautions.
Each camp along this route has a radio link to the park office and sells goods like chocolates, beer, soft drinks, and mineral water. The Horombo Hut, which is also the only campsite on Kilimanjaro with beds and mattresses, is on the Horombo route and can be completed in 5 days, but it is advised to add an extra day for acclimatization.
The most common way to climb Kilimanjaro is through the Marangu route, which is also called the “Coca Cola Route” because it is so common and easy.
The five-day option is a hurried but doable way to climb the Roof of Africa for those who are short on time.

Day by Day Itinerary

Day One-Moshi-Marangu Gate-Mandara Hut

After being picked up from your lodging in Moshi, you’ll travel to Kilimanjaro National Park.
Here, you’ll communicate with your guides and start your ascent through the lush rainforest that covers Kilimanjaro’s lower slopes.
When you hike for 5–6 hours through this old jungle, you can see animals like black-and-white colobus monkeys and have a mini-safari.
You’ll spend the night at the upscale Mandara Huts, which feature comforts like flush lavatories and solar lighting. You won’t be seeing those anytime soon, I assure you!

Day Two-Mandara Hut-Horombu Hut

You’ll leave early today because you have a long day of hiking ahead of you.
On your more than 11-kilometre journey to the Maundi Crater, today’s hike will take you from the lush rainforest to the bleak alpine region.
If the weather is clear, you can enjoy breathtaking views of Kibo Glacier from here before settling in for the evening.

Day Three-Horombo Hut-Kibo Hut

Today’s hike will be hard as you go to Kibo Hut to set up camp before you try to reach the top.
After climbing almost 1,000 meters, you will reach Kibo Hut in the afternoon after passing your final watering hole at 4,130 meters.
You should remember to hydrate well during your early dinner because you’ll be getting up very early tomorrow to start your climb to the summit.

Day Four-Kibo Hut-Uhuru Peak-Horombo Hut

Today, you’re getting an early start to the day—just after midnight!
As you get dressed and organize your daypack for the adventure ahead, your climbing team will wake you up with a cup of hot tea and a light snack for energy.
Take it slow; you’ll be hiking in complete darkness for the next 5-7 hours. This way, you’ll get to Stella Point just before dawn. After the next two hours of hard hiking, you will reach Uhuru Peak, which is your final destination.
Standing at 5,985 meters, you’ll be able to witness an amazing sunrise and enjoy the expansive view. You’ve succeeded.
Returning to Horombo Hut via Kibo Hut is the next step. This will be one of the hardest days of your life, as you will have to hike for anywhere from 12 to 16 hours.

Day Five: Horombo Hut-Marangu Gate-Moshi

You’ll have one last breakfast on the mountain today before descending to the Marangu Gate, so today is a festive day.
Although today’s walk is almost 20 kilometers, the steady downhill makes it much easier than the ascent.
When you arrive at the gate, you can celebrate with your porters and guides, give them tips for their labour, and get your completion certificate.
After that, your driver will drive you to your hotel in Moshi or Arusha so you can get some well-deserved rest.

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